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Welcome to The High Value Female Empowerment Series.  This trilogy of easy-reading kindle books is about to fill your head with so many new and unique ideas about love and romance, it is almost guaranteed to change your life. You will never be the same again after experiencing a reawakening of your pent-up romantic desires, the elevation of your social courage levels and most importantly the full deployment of all your natural talents in a way that will build a quiet confidence in your feminine attractiveness and power over time.

In other words, the effects of this powerful learning will last a lifetime.

These inspirational books will also energize your overall enthusiasm and action levels something that can quickly turn those stuck dreams into head-spinning realities! I'm going to teach you how to identify and accentuate those things that you already do well, and then project them as your own personal "unique selling position" to attract only the best men into your world, and, well...

You can take it from there!

Michael Pilinski
  Author, The High Value Female Empowerment Series

Let's get right to the point, do you ever feel invisible around men? Especially the sort of men that you would really like to get to know? Instead of having cute guys lavishing their attention on you, they hardly notice you're in the room?

Believe it or not, this frustrating sense of being overlooked isn't the result of "who you are" or what you actually look like, but rather, what sort of VIBE you are giving off about yourself in the presence of attractive men.

How to Become Universally Attractive to Men will show you how to fine tune all the various elements that go into making you stand out from the background of ordinary women and catch the attention of men everywhere. You'll learn how to become more outgoing around men, more relaxed, and especially... more able to turn up the heat whenever you choose!

Attraction is all about sending subtle signals of interest and permission. But it's even more than that: when you lock eyes with a man in that first delicious moment of romantic discovery, you will suddenly understand that for a woman attractiveness equals total power!

Get yours right now.

Here's a look at some of the topics covered:

Introduction: Prepare to Become a High Value Female
You Are Back on Schedule
Self Awareness = Foundational Growth
Boys vs. Girls
The Best Men Can be Yours for the Taking

Step-by-Step Change: Your High Value Female Transformation

Step 1: Toughen Your Resolve

Step 2: Ctrl-Alt-Delete Your Old Life

Step 3: Free Yourself of the 'Looks' Anchor

Step 4: Drop Your Guard and Open Your Heart

Step 5: Making Yourself Approachable

Conclusion: Get Busy With Your Life!

"This book is one long love letter to all women. It is loaded with inspiration and encouragement on every page, along with loads of interesting new ways to make guys check you out. For someone like me who has always considered herself "plain", this book has opened up a whole new world of fun and excitement for me. I'm very grateful for having read this book!" ~Karen A.~

"We seek out the "love" that we think we deserve... which is why I kept ending up in one abusive relationship after another. This book has inspired me to deserve much better for myself, and I'm on the way to happiness now. I can feel it. Thank you Mr. Pilinski!" ~Eileen J.~

"I was impressed by the compassion the author has for women in general. He is as much a life coach as well as a teacher. I will definitely take a look at the next book in the series." ~Janice L.~

"I absolutely loved this book! It inspired me to begin flirting with guys everywhere I go! It's a blast!" ~Sharon W.~

Kindle edition $3.99


Available as an Audiobook!

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Are you having issues keeping men interested in you sexually? Going through boyfriends like crazy and watching first dates turn into ghosts? With all the over stimulation and free porn available everywhere in this new over-hooked-up world, guys and becoming more and more desensitized to "ordinary" run-of-the-mill sex, and they will now quickly grow tired of girls who do not match the kind of fantasy stimulation they are getting online.

To all this I say: no problem.

Listen, I don't care how jaded your guy may have become about sex, even after watching thousands of hours of porn, he simply DOES NOT stand a chance once you unleash the full and awesome female seductive power that you will learn about in my new book. How To Become Sexually Irresistible To Men is going to blow your mind with dozens of heart-stopping, female-empowering sexual techniques that I'll bet you never ever dreamed of in your nastiest fantasies!

These are skills that will absolutely stagger your man ANY man with ecstasy. It will make him blind with lust and in the end, leave him profoundly in love... with YOU!

Take a look at this exciting list of topics:

Introduction: The Unique Experience of You * His Pre-Sex Enlightenment * Communication via Physical Contact * Taking Him on a Romantic Meditation * Dating Naked * Exploring Extreme Pleasure Together * The Magnificent Session of First Love... It Has to be Memorable! * Using the Male Sex Drive to Your Advantage * Setting the Long Term Fantasy Hook * Now, He Becomes Your Adoring Lover * The Trick to Being Sexually Aggressive as a Woman * Keeping the Boredom Out of the Bedroom Forever

"This book puts out a very exciting design for the perfect episode of first sex with a guy that will absolutely rock his world and leave him stunned by your sensual abilities! The last section describes a variety of X-rated stimulation techniques and erotic games that you can use after the two of you have already moved into a more advanced sexual relationship. I highly recommend this book, even if you think you know all there is about sex already. You don't." ~ Maya M.~

"I really found the quickie little 'shame eliminator' exercises listed throughout the book really helpful. This is not just a book that you read, but one that you put into practice and apply. It's kind of like a sexual training course for women. It shows you how to overcome your shyness and get busy being a genuine seductress." ~ Janice D.~

"This goes way beyond the typical "sex tips" kind of book. It's not just the wild methods for driving men into a frenzy that are so amazing, but the whole grand plan for how to unleash your sexuality slowly and teasingly upon a guy as you move through the first stages of a dating relationship with him. This is very serious stuff, and I can see how you could end up seducing ANY guy that you choose to. Very well written by a professional writer." ~ Sharon R.~

Kindle edition $3.99    (Adult content)


Uplifting, inspirational advice for young women (and not-so-young women) alike about Men, Love, Sex, and Romance. This is the perfect way to describe The Complete High Value Female Guidebook, the final installment in the High Value Female Empowerment Series. Everything about success in life and love gets tied together into a life-affirming philosophy that you can use as a template to achieve the great life that you deserve.

Are you tired of endlessly swiping around on OKCupid / Tinder / Happn like some frustrated "Tinderella" lurching from one "no-personality loser" to the next? Well, forget all that nonsense. You'll soon know exactly how to maximize your natural attractive power as a woman and begin presenting yourself with total class, 24/7.

Classy, Confident and Can't-take-your-eyes-off-her... if you were a character in fiction, that's exactly how I would describe you!

And listen, it doesn't matter how good or bad you may presently feel about yourself your spirit will be re-energized and your romantic desires completely satisfied during this grand transformation of your style and personality. Of course, you could just be interested in becoming an A+ flirt and playing the field for awhile. Then go ahead and try out the 'Five most mind-blowing ways to signal cute guys with high heels' (chap. 4) and have some fun for yourself!

The Complete High Value Female Guidebook lays out all of these exciting personal changes for you and more. You'll soon be attracting the sort of quality attention from men that you deserve... and running out of fingers to wrap these helpless guys around!

So go easy on us, okay?

Take a look at the Table of Contents:

Introduction: Like a Statue in the Sky

PART 1 The High Value Female Basics

You Are The Prize
Making Yourself into a Social Asset
Self-Assurance Attracts the Right Men like a Magnet
Develop One Obvious 'Hot Thing' About Yourself
Catch an Eye Wherever You Go
Presenting Yourself With Class
Being Competent, Self-Motivated and Independent
Embrace One Popular Male Interest
Develop One Amazing D-Talent

PART 2 The Art of Sexual Enticement

Learning How to Live in the Moment
How to Pick Up a Guy
The Perfect Opening Move For Women, Works Anywhere
Becoming an A+ Flirt
The Marvelous You, Queen of Eye Contact
Five Ways to Signal Men Using High Heels
    * The Stripper Walk * The Marilyn Stretch * The Twizzle * The Heel Tap * Phantom Heels
Keep Him Guessing
Touch, the Controller Move
Being Interested in His Favorite Subject
No compromising with Your Relationships, Always Go for the Gold!

PART 3 Designing The Perfect Relationship by Getting Both of Your 3 Primary Emotional Needs Satisfied

Female Emotional Need #1:
The Need to Have Your Man Available as Your Emotional Foundation

Female Emotional Need #2:
The Need to Have Your Opinions Validated by Your Man

Female Emotional Need #3:
The Need to Feel That Your Lover's Romantic Affection is Always Available

Male Emotional Need #1:
The Need for Unconditional Acceptance

Male Emotional Need #2:
The Need for a Trusted Confidante

Male Emotional Need #3:
The Need for Great Sex

Conclusion: The World is Yours!

Kindle edition $4.99

"This book gives you the total advantage over men when it comes to romance. It also clears your thinking about relationships and helps you focus in on what's really important about all the crazy emotions involved. Great advice if you're looking to land that really great guy and get off the single girl merry-go-round." ~ Renelle S.~

"There's just nothing but good advice in this series of books. It's a mixture of spiritual and emotional guide, introducing concepts as awareness and self worth. With fun steamy tricks to try and feel empowered and sexy! It's empowering and just fun to read!!! I love the idea of being high value as a woman and couldn't find any real useful information out there." ~JustMe~


Save $$$ and get the Complete Boxed Set!

3 Book Kindle Edition, Only $6.99


mike pilinski

Hi, my name's Mike Pilinski, and I appreciate you giving my High Value Female Empowerment Series a look. I'm on a mission to help all you girls elevate your social + romantic + sexual game, by offering you attraction tips from a male perspective presenting you with exciting and fun ideas that will make you more alluring to men than you ever imagined possible. You'll be amazed at the amount of unusual and original ideas that I've packed into this self-help trilogy.

Best of all... I will work to instill in you the often elusive ingredient that can help you turn your life around for good: the passion to get motivated to really "fox up" and start turning some heads! I can guarantee that you will never be the same after reading them. Thanks and take care.

Michael Pilinski

(BTW... Every topic in each book is crypt-noted and linked within an extensive Table of Contents for quick reference... especially handy if you need to review some tricks about twisting men in knots for that party that you'll be hitting after work tonight ;-)

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